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Ontario's Sustainable Food Systems Conference

WHEN Nov. 20-22, 2015
WHERE Sudbury, Ontario Radisson Hotel

Thanks for the Northern Hospitality, Sudbury!

On November 20, Bring Food Home 2015 officially kicked off in Sudbury with tours that set off to Manitoulin and to West Nippissing, and sessions that buzzed with excitement from attendees eager to dig deeper into business planning for new market farmers and think critically about the implications of unpaid labour in a food movement focused on justice and sustainability.

Over the course of the weekend, this cross-sectoral event gathered together over 270 individuals from across the province representing remote fly-in communities, dense urban centers and everything in between. The 90 diverse presenters led animated engagement on food production, distribution and marketing, local food economies, agriculture and the environment, food access and justice, health promotion, and edible education with local tours, panel discussions, farmer training, action-planning and networking. New ideas were sparked with participants bringing in perspectives from community food work, health and educational institutions, farming, local distribution, retail and hospitality, provincial and local government, First Nations communities, researchers and not-for-profits organizations. Perhaps this first-time Bring Food Home attendee said it best:

“The thing I liked about this conference, was the diversity of the people who came. You never knew where any session was going to go until you realized the backgrounds of the people in the room. Every session was a surprise. It was great.”

Read our conference recap on the Sustain Ontario blog.


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