BFH 2013 Media


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“If the border closed: Food, farming, forests and fish at the Detroit-Windsor line.” (November 26, 2013) – “The Bring Food Home conference was testament to the wide range of local food and production initiatives that are beginning, thriving and expanding… In many ways the most exciting and significant shift is the growing presence of food justice initiatives, and the growing response to systemic racism in the food system.”

Carolyn Webb discusses Food in the Curriculum on CBC News’ Windsor Morning (November 18, 2013) – “Are our children learning enough about food in school? It’s one of the many topics of discussion at the Bring Food Home conference happening right now in Windsor.” Carolyn Webb is the coordinator of the Ontario Edible Education Network.

Michele Legere discusses Bring Food Home on CBC News’ Windsor Morning (October 8, 2013) (requires Adobe Flash Player to listen) – “Windsor will host hundreds of Ontario’s food gurus at a conference in November. We spoke to Michele Legere, coordinator of Food Matters Windsor-Essex County.”

“County eating…in the city Essex County served up in Windsor.” Today’s Farmer (December 3, 2013) – “At the conference [Chef Rino] Bortolin advised restaurateurs interested in local ingredients to start small, perhaps adding local wines or beers to their menu or working with a reliable local farmer able to deliver a consistent supply of a particular ingredient… All the panelists acknowledged that while the local, organic and sustainable food alternatives can provide financial reward, the broad demand for low cost eating options has an influence on where they set their prices.”

“Conference Seeks Healthier, More Sustainable Food System.” – Blackburn News (November 22, 2013) – “Sustain Ontario is trying to create a healthier and more sustainable food system in Ontario.”

“Bringing Food to Windsor Essex.” The Windsor Square (November 7, 2013) – “The theme of this year’s gathering is Building Bridges Together and will consist of a wide range of workshops, new farmer training, compelling keynote speakers, and a feast of local flavours. Bring Food Home will also feature tours of urban agriculture, rural farms, and food waste reduction projects throughout the Essex region and Detroit.”


Blog Posts from Attendees

“Bring Food Home; Bring Food to Schools.” (December 23, 2013) – “The Bring Food Home conference not only highlights the bridges being built between schools and local, healthy, sustainable food systems, but was also an opportunity to bridge gaps between people throughout Ontario’s food system. From farmers to activists, we can truly see more connections and more action being made to bring Ontario food to the whole Province.”

“Bring Food Home conference recap.” Community Food Centres Canada’s The Pod (November 22, 2013) – “I was inspired seeing the channels that exist to enable non-accredited investors to provide capital for initiatives they believe in and generate financial returns. These sessions presented contrasting models of growth and different ways of financing them, and I left with a renewed excitement about this next stage in food work in Ontario.”

“Bring Food Home.” TAS DesignBuild (December 16, 2013) – “Participating in the conference was an excellent way to expand our understanding of the successes and challenges of small scale food producers, regional food distributers, food-based social agencies, and public-sector departments focused on food-system issues. Gaining this perspective not only helps us to understand the particular role that we can fill in our own work, but how to engage in effective cross-sector partnerships that lead to measureable outcomes.”