Getting to Ottawa from:


By Bus: Greyhound Bus 5hrs $100-$135 round trip.
By Air: 55 minutes. Approx $400 round trip.  Several flights offered daily by Porter, Air Canada and WestJet
By Car: Approx. 4 ½ hrs.
By Train: Approx 4.5 hrs $130-$180 round trip.


By Bus: Greyhound Bus 7hrs approx. $140-$160 round trip.
By Air:  Approx 3-4 hrs (no direct flight) $300-400 round trip.
By Car: Approx. 5 – 7 hrs depending on route.



By Train: VIA Rail 2.5hrs. $100-$150 round trip.
By Bus: Greyhound Bus 2.5 hrs. $40-$50 round trip.
By Car: Approx. 2hrs


By Bus: Greyhound Bus 7-8 hrs approx. $100-$130 round trip.
By Car: Approx. 5.5hrs
By Train: Approx 6-8 hrs. $150-$200 round trip.


By Bus: Greyhound Bus 8+ hrs. $150 round trip.
By Air: Aprox 4-6 hrs. Approx $500-$600
By Car: Approx 6.5 hrs
By Train: VIA rail 7+ hrs. Approx $250 round trip.

Thunder Bay

By Bus: Greyhound Bus 22hrs. Approx $400 round trip
By Air: Porter has a direct flight that takes  approximately 3.5hrs and is about $400 round trip.
By Car: Approx 16-20 hrs


We encourage attendees travelling to Ottawa and within the region to rideshare. Use this great website to organize your rides: GroupCarpool.com


While in Ottawa, why not enjoy some of the best local cuisine?
Check out this Local Food Directory put together by Savour Ottawa


Premiere Suites Ottawa Rentals
130 Besserer Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 9M9
Phone: (613) 232-2000

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel
75 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N7B9
Phone: (613) 235-2595

Swiss Hotel
89 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E6
Phone: (613) 237-0335

33 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9M7
Phone: (613) 230-3033

Auberge McGee’s Inn
185 Daly Ave
Ottawa, ON K1N 6E8
Phone: (613) 237-6089

Airbnb, couch surfing, and other options are also available for participants to look into.