Come celebrate local businesses and food by taking one of the many tours that, our lovely local hosts, have planned. It is sure to be a day packed with knowledge sharing, good food, and laughs! You can sign up for the many tours here.  Please note tours are an additional cost from the conference. All tours will be taking place October 26th 2017.

Apple Cobbler Tour

Depart Ottawa U (9 a.m- 4:30 p.m)

A full-day tour travelling to Dundas County animated by Just Food and All Things Food, the Apple Cobbler starts at Against the Grain Farms with a discussion of artisanal grains, seed saving, and value-added, nutrient-dense food production. You will then visit Smyth Apple Orchard and the home of the MacIntosh apple, and Upper Canada Creamery, a family-run, grass fed organic yogurt production facility. Topics covered here will include farm succession, organic transition and on-farm craft production. The tour will finish at the new food-grade organic milling operation of Homestead Organics in Morrisburg, where organic crop production in Eastern Ontario and the organic value chain are on the menu.

Tour is $10. You can register for the tour here!

Rebuilding the Local Value Chain 

Depart Ottawa U (9 a.m- 4:45 p.m)

From Ottawa to Lanark, this tour has two Eastern Ontario regional food hubs on display, and includes the Ottawa Food Hub/Ottawa Incubator Kitchen, Just Food Farm, Two Rivers Food Hub, and Top Shelf Distillers. Just Food will be animating discussions on small-scale processing, the long-term strategies of incubator farms and kitchens, the development of food hub value chains and regional sourcing/traceability of ingredients.

Tour is $10. You can register for the tour here!

Maple Syrup, Fine Cheese, and Beer-Swilling Pigs: The Artisanal Value Chain 

Depart Ottawa U (9 a.m- 4:30 p.m)

This full-day tour travels through Stormont, Russell counties and Prescott, on the eastern edge of Ontario, visiting St. Albert Cheese Co-op, Sand Road Maple Farm, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company and Pickle Patch Farms.  Animated by All Things Food, the tour will cover topics including on-farm conservation projects, agri-tourism, craft production and organic value chain development.

Tour is $10. You can register for the tour here!

Walk, sample, and learn! Downtown walking tour

Depart Ottawa U (2 p.m- 4:30 p.m)

Animated by Just Food, this hyper-local, walking tour through the Byward Market area next to Ottawa U will facilitate lively discussion on agri-tourism development, including contentious farmer branding, opportunities in promotions, new policies for urban agriculture and selling food in public spaces, etc.  Participants will enjoy taste-testing some of the fare within Ottawa’s longest running farmers’ market.

Tour is free.   You can register for the tour here!

Good Food in Schools  

Depart Ottawa U (1 p.m- 4 p.m)

Edible Education Network and Ottawa School Food Network invite you to this half-day, free tour where you will visit local schools and see Farm to School principles in action, while also sharing among the group practices happening throughout Ontario.   The tour will highlight multiple ways that broad municipal and provincial stakeholders are coming together to increase Good Food within both indoor and outdoor school food initiatives.

Tour is free. Book your tour today here!