2015 Tours

Bring Food Home: Digging Deeper featured 4 diverse tours!

Sudbury Meteorite Impact Tour

The half day tour began by examining campus rocks at Laurentian University and discussing the changing landscape of Sudbury and its implications for environmental rehabilitation and agriculture. This was followed by a visit to some of the first copper-nickel mining operations in Sudbury.

Manitoulin Island Tour

Mike Meeker1
Mike Meeker at his aquaculture farm on Manitoulin Island.

The tour headed to the Manitoulin Island. It started off with a visit to a trout Farm on Goat Island, where participants had the opportunity to gain an in-depth look at the operations of the farm, which including a visit to the hatchery.  The day was followed by a visit to the Ojibwe Cultural Center, where a representative from the community spoke about Ojibwe land use, connection to the land, hunting, fishing, growing food and collecting wild food. The tour also included a visit to the Island’s co-operative abattoir and meat shop in Providence Bay. Participants  learned about their unique producer relationships and how the results of the abattoir and meat shop speak for themselves.

Sudbury and West Nipissing Agricultural Tour

Boreal Winery haskap berries
Haskap berry harvest at Boreal Berry Farm and Winery.

The tour took participants  to three farms. It started off at Creekbend farm which produces some of the best maple syrup (Sucrerie Séguin Sugar Bush) and honey this region has to offer and continued at Dalew Farms, where you can find out about the farm’s journey from a CSA farm to an established goat dairy. The tour finished off at the Boreal Berry Farm and Winery where the owners, Greg and Mira Melien, produce Premium hand-crafted wines, cider and syrups.

Sudbury Food and Social Justice Tour

This tour started with a lunch at the Sudbury Independent Living Centre, followed by a guided tour of the facility, where members with differing abilities learn to cook. The tour continued to the Living Centre for N’Swakamok and finished at Kirkwood Greenhouse, which specialized in horticultural therapy for people with mental illness.