2017 In Review

Bring Food Home 2017 

Bring Food Home (BFH) was the 5th province-wide cross-sectoral conference for food system planning in Ontario attended by 277 people from across Ontario. BFH was held in Ottawa on October 27-29th 2017. This year the conference was held in collaboration with the Eastern Ontario Local Food conference and local hosts Just Food. Bring Food Home conferences offer a forum to share experience and expertise, build the capacity and cohesiveness of Ontario’s local food network, and plan and coordinate actions that will direct us in building a better food system in Ontario and beyond. 

The theme for the 2017 BFH conference was Upstream Collaboration. Upstream Collaboration acknowledge the work and innovation being done in local food systems in Ontario. This theme recognizes our collective need to bring together diverse sectors to generate action on food and farm issues, as well as the need to ask and answer tough questions about these issues. Participants sought to collaborate as an Ontario community to work on issues and grow stronger together through breaking down barriers and forging new alliances.

Good Food and Farming Ideas for Ontario – Bring Food Home 2017 Conference Report 

This report summarizes the policy papers prepared by each of Sustain Ontario’s networks in advance of the Bring Food Home 2017 conference. The report also includes inputs from the discussion of these papers at conference and subsequent network meetings. This report is intended to update all Sustain Ontario members about the work currently being undertaken to encourage collective action. This is in an effort further Sustain Ontario’s mission to promote a more productive, equitable and sustainable food and farming systems that support the health and wellbeing of all people in Ontario through collaborative action. The Common Ground section of this report highlights areas of overlap and potential for working across networks. 


Policy Papers

The complete policy papers can be accessed online at either the Bring Food Home website, https://bringfoodhome.com/bfh-papers-2017/ or on Sustain Ontario’s websites through each network page, https://sustainontario.com/our-work/networks-working-groups.