Bring Food Home 2013 In Review

Sustain 4Bring Food Home is a biennial food system conference bringing together those who are working toward a sustainable food system in Ontario.

Over 450 people attended Bring Food Home 2013: Building Bridges Together, representing from across the food sector — producers, chefs, advocates, health professionals, and many more.  They gathered in Windsor for three days of celebration, innovation, and collaboration.

With over 40 sessions and over 250 speakers, topics ranged from food co-operatives, to nutrition programs in school, food distribution, and municipal policy.  This was capped off with three plenary sessions — discussing milestones in the food movement, ways to access funding, and conversation with political representatives.  With so much incredible and inspiring content, choosing which session to attend was at times tough for participants, though there was no poor choice.  This was made even more difficult with the addition of site tours to locations in and around the Windsor and Detroit area.  One of the most well-attended tours was to D-Town Farm, one of the largest farms found in an urban centre.

The success of this gathering was evident in the buzz throughout the three days and what has lasted since — people were reacquainted, new relationships and bonds were made, and ideas were born and reconsidered.

With Windsor as our backdrop, the city shined.  Many of its food system stakeholders were present and continue to build on the momentum started during those three days in November.  It was exciting to be able to showcase this Ontario city and the great work its residents are doing toward a more sustainable food system.

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated planning committee, whose input and perspectives helped to shape this incredible three days.  And to the Windsor-Essex region for hosting the conference so beautifully.  We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015!

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