BFH Papers 2017

Unique to this year’s Bring Food Home conference, we are really excited for the series of Collaborative Sessions, which have been scheduled and organized by the Networks of Sustain Ontario, and will take the form as live policy discussions. Each Sustain Ontario Network has been working with student researchers to create policy position papers, these papers will drive the discussions for the sessions. You can see below the policy position papers:

Farming and Farmland

Paper: New and Young Farmers Network Research (2017)

Paper: Farming and Farmland Network Research- Farmland Preservation (2017)

Ontario Edible Education Network 

Paper: BFH2017_NetworksBackgrounder

Paper: BFH2017_SchoolBoardsBackground

Paper: BFH2017_EvaluationBackground

Community Growing Network

Paper: Strategies for building partnerships for Community Gardens (2017)

Paper: Engaging Diverse Communities Through Community Gardening Research (2017)

Sustainable Food Enterprise network

Paper: Sustainable Institutional Food Procurement Research BFH

Municipal Food Policy Network 

Paper: Municipal Food Policy Network Research (2017)

Food Justice Network

Paper: Food Justice Research (2017)