2017 Program

 Bring Food Home 2017: Upstream Collaboration

BFH 2011 Attendee program

Stream Descriptions

Sustainable Food Enterprise: Strengthen each level of the value chain to bring local sustainable food products to Ontario’s tables.

Farming and Farmland: Developing whole communities including recommendations to protect agricultural land and support a viable agricultural system.

Food Waste: Sharing best practices and brainstorming new ideas for encouraging the reduction and diversion of food waste at the household level.

Municipal Food Policy: Bringing together planners, community organizers, public health professionals, food producers, distributors and other food champions to share ideas and knowledge in order to develop and influence policies at the municipal or regional level.

Community Growing: Bringing together a variety of community gardens, urban agriculture projects, and organizations to share resources, discuss new ideas and strategize for the future of growing in Ontario

Food Justice: Looking at a just and sustainable food system that is rooted in food sovereignty.

Edible Education: Sharing experiences of youth and food in Ontario, including specific skills and resources, innovative and cross-sector projects, critical approaches and opportunities for further development.

Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference: The Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference (EOLFC) is bringing a stream of content to Bring Food Home that is similar to what our participants have come to expect: timely information on key topics, showcasing of Eastern Ontario’s best examples, and a chance to share ideas and create business connections with new contacts.

About the Conference Sessions

Collaboration sessions

A key difference of Bring Food Home 2017, is that a large number of workshops are scheduled and organized by the Networks of Sustain Ontario. Each network has been working on Policy Position Papers since April 2017.  These collaboration sessions are open to anyone who is interested but are intended to serve a specific function, furthering the core of the work to be accomplished by each network.  These sessions will take the form of small group discussions – world café or other breakout groups to discuss the issues that have been identified through the work of the networks leading up to Bring Food Home.

Information sessions 

Information sessions focus on information sharing and learning from each other.  This is similar to a traditional conference.

Open Spaces at Bring Food Home 

These participant-driven spaces at Bring Food Home will allow you to collaborate and engage in productive conversations and discussions on topics of choice. These spaces will mostly rely on participation by people who are passionate to listen, learn and discuss additional topics. The spaces can also be used for networking purposes. In the majority of these rooms, there will be no pre planned list of topics, just time slots, and a space where interested participants can converse. Contribution in these spaces is not required, some may choose to contribute a lot or a little.

Principles of Open Space:

  • Whoever comes are the right people
  • Whatever happens, is the only thing that could have
  • Whenever it starts is the right time
  • Whenever it is over, it is over.

Additional open space rooms will be blocked off for topics that are of utmost importance by some of our partners. These designated rooms will have a sign-up sheet outside with the topic description, but conversations will still happen organically.

***Please note tours are additional costs from the conference, though now greatly reduced!!!***

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