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  1. Hello,

    I tried many times to register with a visa card and it is not going through.
    Can i get some support? Can i pay through the phone ?


    1. Hi Leticia,
      Our apologies for the technical issues. Our event and membership platform had a series of system-wide data issues yesterday and today. I see that you were eventually able to register for the conference, so thank you for your patience and for persevering! We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

  2. Please contact me; I registered for the conference and the Feast of Local flavors, and have confirmation of same. I tried to register using Master Card, but it reverts back to pay pal, then I get a notice from Paypal, advising to return to the vendor’s page as it did not go thru. Linda

  3. I have sent a request to add me in bursary recipient to cover the Sudbury Food conf registration expenses. Could any of the organizer respond to the progress on that in order me to finalize my commitments a head. Thx.


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