Seed to Seed

Ratinenhayén:thos is hosting a seed saving event, Seed to Seed, for a day of knowledge-sharing inspired by long-held Rotinonhsyón:ni (Six Nations) agricultural and seed-saving traditions on Saturday, November 23rd, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mohawk Community Centre in Deseronto (1807 York Rd).

Seedkeepers Terrylynn Brant and Steve McComber, and Chef Tawnya Brant will talk about seed saving as food sovereignty, selecting seed in a changing climate, and cooking with seed. We will also share a delicious seed to table meal and end the day with a seed swap.
This event includes sessions about:

      • Things to consider when selecting seed to save
      • How to avoid cross pollination and keep seed pure
      • Choosing varieties of corn for shorter growing seasons
      • Panel discussion on challenges and adaptations for growing in a changing climate
      • Breakout discussions and information sharing on experiences this growing season

This event is for youth, farmers, hobby gardeners, foodies, and anyone who wants to learn more about seed saving and feeding ourselves through a modern Indigenous lens.

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A Bring Food Home 2019 Regional Event

Brought to you with support from Sustain Ontario, and sponsorship from Whole Foods Market.