Enhancing Local / Regional Collaboration to Support Good Food for Children and Youth: Collaboration Session

Groups that are connecting children and youth with healthy food systems are coming together in many regions across Ontario to learn about each other’s activities, align efforts, and even form local networks. Participants at this working session will hear short presentations about some of the efforts that are taking place and then will have the opportunity to consider how they could enhance collaboration within their own region of Ontario. The session will explore questions such as: What opportunities exist to support local collaboration relating to good food for children and youth? How have other regions collaborated on issues such as local advocacy, professional development for teachers, networking, and information sharing? What types of networks exist that could be modeled and learned from? Could a collective impact framework be useful for local / regional groups to apply? How could Sustain Ontario’s Edible Education Network support more local / regional collaboration?

Paper: BFH2017_NetworksBackgrounder

Collaboration session Edible Education
Location: 11161 Desmarais (55 Laurier) Date: October 28, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Carolyn Webb