Farmland Preservation and Protection | Policy Discussion

The population of Ontario continues to accelerate, which has placed significant development and land use conversion pressures on our limited amount of prime agriculture land. Ontario has instituted several policies, policy statements, and growth strategies in the past two decades making it more challenging to convert farmland use. However, these initiatives remain limited to a patchwork of regional plans or subject to municipal cooperation and interpretation. Furthermore, existing policy does little to regulate the growing phenomena of financial investors purchasing farmland to profit off its increase in value rendering it inaccessible for farmers to own. This workshop seeks to develop a set of policy positions aimed at strengthening Ontario’s capacity to preserve farmland for agricultural use, and limit investment, development, and conversion pressures that may result in its degradation.

Paper: Farming and Farmland Network Research- Farmland Preservation (2017)

Collaboration session Farming and Farmland
Location: 7003 Faculty of Social Sciences University Ottawa (120 University) Date: October 27, 2017 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Chris Kelly-Bisson: Researcher Pat Learmonth: Facilitator